Experience Shaft Hoisting 4.0

Process and plant optimization of shaft hoisting technology.

With its core competence "Applied Engineering" the SIEMAG TECBERG group supports mine operators worldwide in key aspects of mining optimisation and digitisation processes. The product TECBERG digital stands for the efficient service, process and plant optimization of shaft hoisting technology in mining.

The exploitation of information obtained by intelligent evaluation of data generated with mining-suitable sensor technology regarding machine and equipment status as well as process monitoring and performance forms the basis for the development of mines both towards sustainable raw material extraction and towards the intelligent mine of the future - the "smart mines".

Smart Mining thus refers to the no longer so distant vision of a digitally networked, autonomous mine, in which asset monitoring and asset management of machines and systems for vertical and horizontal conveyor technology plays an important role. TECBERG digital is the SIEMAG TECBERG group's already available answer to these challenges.

Verifiable support for the operator in reducing maintenance costs and minimizing downtime and malfunctions. The online retrieval of defined key figures and reports shows trends at a glance and provides the transparency required for continuous company and cost optimisation. Current assessment of the condition of the plant at any time, taking into account the load factors acting on it. The detection of weak points enables the initiation of targeted measures to reduce technical malfunctions and thus increase the availability, reliability and safety of the plant.

TECBEG digital

Our complete package of modular software platform and analysis services directly from experts optimally supports plant operators in plant diagnosis and maintenance management. The modular component matrix of TECBERG digita offers ...

  • Maximum plant availability
  • Maximum system performance
  • Highest possible plant safety

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