Clamping and lifting devices

Handling of all hoisting ropes in one work step.

Handling of the ropes on multi-rope KOEPE hoisting systems is considerably simplified by the use of clamping and lifting devices. A device of this kind can clamp and hold, lift or lower all the ropes of a hoist way without the need of complicated preparations.

It can be designed for maximum rope load. By means of multiple encompassing the load can be moved over any distances.

The clamping and lifting device is usually parked at a suitable place back from the ropes, where it is protected against harmful external factors. From this position the device can be moved into the appropriate hoistway and set up for the direction of pull intended. The device can also be shifted hydraulically.


  • Simultaneous lifting and lowering of all hoisting ropes
  • Lifting and lowering of a hoistway under maximum payload
  • Can be used for all round-rope types
  • Safe and material-protective rope adjustment
  • Use in 2 hoistways of one or two hoisting in a shaft


  • Number of ropes: 1 to 6
  • Pulling power: 200 to 2,500 kN
  • Rope diameter: 19 to 74 mm
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