Wireless shaft-communication

Reliable communication from and to hoisting equipment.

Monitoring of and communication from and to the hoisting equipment is an important consideration in modern mining.

Wireless communication can be used to establish voice connections to the hoist operator, monitor cage gates and skip fastenings, transmit rope forces from measuring equipment or even in cases of overhaul or servicing to operate the machine by remote control. Communication from and to the hoisting equipment is especially important in the hoisting and conveyance of people and overhaul runs.

Therefore, characteristic features in the nature and state of the shaft and the hoisting system have to be taken into consideration. SIEMAG TECBERG relies on two different methods of wireless communication with the hoisting equipment, depending on the area of application: radio on the one hand, and the injection of signals to the hoisting rope on the other. Integration of the communication system is essential for many safety and convenience functions. Hereby it is, for instance, possible to transmit data from the rope force measuring equipment to the hoist operator. Even skip monitoring and the remote operation of the system, undertaken from an overhaul platform or from the cage, can be organised.

We offer

Radio links and coupling in to ropes of the hoist with voice and signal exchange.

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