Hydraulic Condition Monitoring for hoisting machines.

Braking and hydraulic systems play a central role in shaft hoisting technology and its hoisting machines. HYDCOM, the condition monitoring for hydraulic systems, was developed to prevent unwanted stoppages of shaft hoisting machines.

The sensors of the brake and bearing oil hydraulics are used to monitor essential functions of the hoisting machine and to make machine data available for effective condition monitoring. Relevant sensor and machine data from the process control system are temporarily stored locally for cyclical download via an encrypted VPN connection via data logger and forwarded to a cloud server.

Using algorithms developed specifically for this purpose, automated analysis and live evaluation of the data takes place on the cloud server. The results are prepared as clear dashboards, e.g. for trend analyses, and made available for download. They can be called up by the mine's higher-level control station at any time and displayed there.

In addition, the machine data is forwarded to the SIEMAG TECBERG Remote Monitoring Centre, where it is collected on a "virtual machine" set up exclusively for the individual customer and subjected to a data analysis by SIEMAG TECBERG experts. The results of the expert analysis are regularly made available to the customer as detailed reports with recommendations for action.

If HYDCOM Condition Monitoring detects deviating values of the machine data, alarm messages can be output immediately on the interface of the speed controller. In addition, automatically generated alarm messages can be transmitted by e-mail or SMS to the SIEMAG TECBERG Remote Monitoring Center or the higher-level control station in the mine in order to activate the company's own service personnel for further function checks and troubleshooting.

Sensor system on the bearing oil hydraulic system evaluated by HYDCOM (i.a.)

  • Shaft lift off control (sliding bearings)
  • Pressure/hydrostatics
  • Flow
  • Vibration
  • Fluid Status
  • Bearing temperature

Sensor system on the braking system hydraulic system digitally evaluated by HYDCOM (i.a.)

  • Solid contamination
  • Water content (e.g. for detection of leaks
  • Oil condition
  • Level
  • Residual service life
  • Pressure

By the way: With HYDCOM On-Premise, we are also happy to offer you a monitoring solution that is installed locally at your site and where your machine data does not leave your mine. An additional integration of HYDCOM into the maintenance planning of our digital service management guarantees the plant operator a long-term and efficient value preservation of his assets.

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