Conveyor systems

Conveyor systems for various applications.

In underground mining and tunnel systems, conveyed goods are transported from the respective mining site to the unloading points by means of belt conveyors. Various drive and intermediate drive concepts as well as belt transfer and feeding techniques are used in this bulk material conveying technology.

Stationary large belt conveyors can be optimised by increasing the capacity as well as lengthening and shortening the belt. In addition to these applications, there are further applications in the steel and metallurgical industry as well as in power plant technology.

Here, ores and aggregates of various grain sizes and bulk densities as well as coaling and ash removal plants are designed.


  • Drive stations with single, double or triple drum drives
  • Intermediate drive stations, designed as Z- or TT-drives depending on the application
  • Reversing stations, if necessary also driven
  • Belt tensioning and storage loops

In power plant technology:

  • Fully automatic coaling and ash removal systems
  • Charging systems for coal bunkers with complete dedusting equipment
  • Enclosed belt conveyors with integrated cleaning chain conveyors for mill coal feeding
  • Scraper wet ash removal below the power plant boiler

In the steel and ironworks industry:

  • Belt conveyors with appropriately designed belt bridges in open or closed construction
  • Blast furnace burdening systems for handling the required additives
  • Trough chain conveyors in closed design
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