Independent system supply and system integration of modern shaft hoisting technology worldwide.

As an independent system provider and system integrator, SIEMAG TECBERG offers complete solutions in materials handling machinery and plant engineering for shaft and heavy-duty materials handling technology as well as for mine and tunnel cooling from a single source.

SIEMAG TECBERG's core competence lies in the application of knowledge-based services in the areas of consulting, engineering, manufacturing technology & quality assurance, product assembly, system integration, site assembly & commissioning, and service concepts.

Consulting supports customers in both the technical and economic evaluation of complex projects.

SIEMAG TECBERG follows market requirements that demand shaft hoisting systems in underground mining as complete systems with a defined annual hoisting capacity. In this respect, the performance of production machines and conveying equipment is precisely designed by the engineering department to match the customer's production volume planning.

As the only supplier of shaft hoisting technology worldwide to date, SIEMAG TECBERG uses state-of-the-art product assemblies to implement a complete system assembly of hoisting machines on heavy-duty test fields in order to ensure the interaction of mechanical, hydraulic and drive components with the automation technology and to document this in functional factory acceptance tests.

Hoisting technology that has been tested and pre-parameterized in advance in this way significantly optimizes site assembly and shortens commissioning times at the customer's site.

Since customers base their planning for production periods on maximum plant efficiency and availability, SIEMAG TECBERG not only supplies premium quality, but also offers the appropriate service concepts to satisfy the high interest of mine operators in maintaining the value of their investments against the background of an optimum technical product service life.

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