Product Assembly

Product assemblies with heavy-duty test fields

Since 2010, SIEMAG TECBERG has continuously optimised and expanded its product assembly and system testing capacities. This means that the SIEMAG TECBERG group make use of a high-performance, high-tech workflow to realise customer-specific projects in medium to heavy machinery and plant engineering. Everything is designed to implement the best solutions under the best conditions and with the highest efficiency.


  • Product Assembly 1
    Since 2010 SIEMAG TECBERG has utilised this 2,600m² area, fitted with cranes capable of lifting assemblies of up to 40 t, for product and component assembly of light to medium-heavy parts. Brake elements and their corresponding hydraulic power systems, including control and regulation systems, are also assembled and tested here.
  • Product Assembly 2
    This is where the project related product assembly of heavy machinery and plant takes place. With a floor space of 2,500 m², this area has been designed for heavy products and components weighing up to 200 t in total. Within this area there is a large 12 x 18 m test bay with own power supplies and automation to enable mechanical and hydraulic control testing and commissioning under real conditions.
  • Product Assembly 3
    Designed for the assembly of medium-heavy products and components, with a total weight of up to 40 t, this 1,800 m² area is used for project related assemblies. Power supplies and automation is also available here in the 5 x 10 m test area enabling mechanical, hydraulic and control testing and commissioning to take place under real conditions.
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