Cooling and Ventilation Technology for Underground Mines, Waste Deposits and special Tunnels

Presser Exchanger - High-/ Low Pressure Heat Exchanger - Air Coolers - Longwall Coolers - Pit Main Ventilation

Sinking to ever greater depths and the increasing waste heat, resulting from the progressive mechanisation of high-performance mines make ever-increasing demands of ventilation equipment under ground. Today’s modern high-performance mines often require cooling capacities higher than 20 MW. With the patented P.E.S. pressure exchanger, SIEMAG TECBERG group has one of the most modern mine and tunnel cooling systems on the market.

Technical features

Temperature rise < 0.5
Lifelong constant efficiency
Up to 20 MW cooling capacity with one P.E.S.
Pressure-changing up to 150 bar with one P.E.S.
Stepwise extendable
Short downtimes for maintenance work
Small space requirement below ground

The P.E.S. pressure exchanger system enables the alternate injection or withdrawal of fluids from a high-pressure to a low-pressure system and vice versa. In the cooling of underground mines and facilities, the P.E.S. acts as the interface between the surface cooling system, which provides the generated cooling water via high-pressure shaft lines, and the underground cooling network, which ensures that the coolers are supplied in the low-pressure range during mine operation. Based on our expertise with a large number of installed plants, we develop state-of-the-art concepts and economically optimal solutions for mine and tunnel cooling.

We offer

Mine, tunnel and underground cooling systems
Pressure exchanger P.E.S. for mine cooling

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