Energy supply technology

Transformers and switching systems for medium- and low-voltage for the reliable supply of electrical energy.


Transformers are used to adjust the voltage provided by the customer to the voltage level needed for the drive and the peripherals. Many countries are working with different voltage levels. With the aim of optimising the customer’s systems, SIEMAG TECBERG offers a complete supply of the required transformers as part of system integration. For this purpose, depending on customer requirements, we work with internationally known brand manufacturers or even local suppliers.

We offer

Auxiliary, excitation and inverter transformers from 200 KVA up to 5 MVA with aluminium or copper coils (AL/CU).

Low-voltage switching systems and distribution systems

The design and construction of low-voltage switching systems are subject to different approaches and differing customer requirements. While some customers only demand a relatively simply designed low-voltage distribution system, others are looking for high-end solutions, such as switch gears according to MCC Type 4b, individual switch panels and separately partitioned outgoing circuits. Battery-buffered UPS systems are incorporated into the low-voltage supply concept as a standard. Customer-specific requirements, such as a second feed for the use of large UPS diesel generators, are also taken into consideration. The various customer requirements are included in the engineering and delivery of the systems.

We offer

Low-voltage distribution systems for 400 V – 550 V and 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

Medium-voltage distribution systems and switching systems

Winders mostly represent isolated applications within the customer network and are therefore regarded as independent systems. Hence, customers will usually install separate medium-voltage distribution systems and switching systems for winders in their energy network. These systems distribute the energy for the drive train and the automation peripherals, such as drive regulator and shaft signalling system. SIEMAG TECBERG offers the supply of this medium-voltage switching system designed for the shaft hoisting system and the equipment associated with it.

As a matter of course, the customer’s requirements and demands, with regard to the insulation method (air or gas) and the preferred manufacturer, are taken into consideration. Local guidelines, such as redundant feed system, are likewise included in the design.

We offer

Individual load-break switches through to complex medium-voltage systems with 16 control panels and redundant feed system.

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