Traction- and rope-sheave linings

Approved components for shaft and rope hoisting systems.

TEC-BE-PLAST traction sheave linings are used on KOEPE hoisting systems and thanks to a complex production process, offers high friction coefficients and beneficial abrasion values, even under difficult operating and hoisting conditions.

These features guarantee a strong frictional engagement between the hoisting rope and the traction sheave in shaft and rope hoisting systems of all kinds. Furthermore, TEC-BE-PLAST traction sheave linings have been tested and are approved by the mining authority for mineshaft systems above and below ground.

TEC-PE-1000 rope sheave linings have been successfully used as an elastic wearing part in rope sheaves and deflection sheaves to protect hoisting ropes and rope sheaves for decades.


  • TEC-BE-Plast 563 and 848 traction-sheave lining
  • TEC-PE-1000 rope-sheave lining


  • Safe and secure transport of persons and material
  • High friction coefficients and beneficial abrasion values
  • Strong frictional engagement between hoisting rope and traction sheave
  • Used in shaft and rope hoisting systems of all kinds
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