Site assembly and final commissioning

The specialists at the SIEMAG TECBERG group have at their disposal know-how gained and experience from the installation and servicing of more than 1,000 successfully installed systems in all parts of the world.

From the portfolio of our technical services we offer monitoring of the site assembly and commissioning of our delivered equipment by qualified specialist personnel. Always included is a detailed assembly time schedule that we prepare and implement in close coordination with the client and in conformity to the overall time schedule. In this way we help to ensure a punctual and efficient start of production on the system.


  • Installation and commissioning of all assemblies, system components and shaft hoisting systems for mining
  • Expert performance of inspections, maintenance work, repairs and fault analysis and rectification (both under and above ground)
  • Installation, commissioning and remote monitoring of brake systems
  • Functional diagnosis and periodic inspections, e.g. of brake systems
  • Documentation of diagnostic results, including recommendations for optimisation
  • Qualified consultation on service provision and the delivery and stocking of spare parts
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