Shaft signalling systems

Safe communication between the individual levels of a shaft.

Shaft signalling system

The shaft signalling system ensures communication between the individual levels and floors of the shaft.

The requirements made to the system operation and the functions frequently differ according to country and customer. Alongside standard communication, using acoustic and light signals, telephone systems or voice intercommunication systems, that allow clear and accurate communication with the hoist operator or the different floors are frequently integrated.

The signalling system also represents the communication interface between the drive regulator and the load and monitors the conditions of shaft gates,pumps and similar equipment. Different markets have different requirements, rules and regulations. Whereas in some countries an "onsetter" controls the operation of the system, in others all responsibilities are with the hoist operator or the system fully automatically. Such differences and customer preferences have a great influence on the layout and functions of the signalling system.

To make the necessary adaptations, SIEMAG TECBERG offers its own developments or uses international or local providers. Components, supplied by SIEMAG TECBERG, are integrated into the automation system and the interfaces are fully defined.

We offer

  • Shaft signalling systems for normal and harsh ambient conditions, including ATEX areas,
  • display boards and various additional functions (extra-large displays, system operation by radio, integration of visualisation panels)
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