TECBERG services

Effective service packages for commissioning, maintenance, rope replacement and more.

"TECBERG services" comprise plant-specific service concepts for recurring commissioning and maintenance tasks or tasks that can be planned in the long term, the products and equipment required for the operational implementation of these service concepts, and any wear and spare parts that may be required.

The service concepts can be implemented by the operator's service personnel or as a service by trained and experienced SIEMAG TECBERG personnel, whereby various modules are also offered online as remote services. Depending on the objective and design of the service concept, the combined use of operator personnel, SIEMAG TECBERG experts and remote services creates ideal conditions for high efficiency and safety in (re)establishing or maintaining the operational readiness of the complex plants.


  • Rope handling
    Procedures, equipment, and resources for safely and efficiently placing or changing hoisting, balancing, and guiding ropes in shaft hoisting systems.
  • Hoist controllers and brake system control
    Support with official approvals and recurring inspections
    -    Detection of potential sources of error during operation (contamination, component aging and function)
    -    Metrological assessment of various components
    -    Documentation on the testing of safety-related equipment by the manufacturer's specialist personnel (hoist controller monitoring, brake control monitoring)
    -    Logging of driving and braking diagrams
    -    Evaluation and advice on optimal replacement/wear parts management
    -    Direct advice for technical innovations and new possibilities. Also in relation to discontinuations of various suppliers and their components.
    -    Possible software and hardware extensions (update software, upgrade software)
    -    Possible functional enhancements in direct consultation and testing with end customers
    -    Short-term training of machine operators and technical contact persons on the part of the end customer
  • Annual inspection
    Functional and safety testing of selected plant components on the basis of comprehensive process descriptions and checklists, which are transparently summarized in detailed reports with specific recommendations for action for further implementation

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