Hoisting and conveying equipment

Hoisting and conveying systems for the safe, secure transport of products, materials and people.


Cages are hoisting and conveying equipment fitted with one or more supporting floors for transporting people and/or hoisting and conveying products and material. The cage is attached to the hoisting rope with one or more rope fittings. The cages are guided in the shaft either by fixed roller guides on guide rails or they slide through the shaft on pretensioned guide ropes.

  • Number of persons: 1 to 300
  • Payload: 0,8 to 60 t


Skips are hoisting and conveying equipment for transporting products, such as ores. Usually skips are filled from above and emptied downwards. The skip is attached to the hoisting rope with rope fittings. On KOEPE winders, tail ropes are attached to the skip with tail rope fittings to offset loads. Skips are either guided in the shaft by fixed roller guides on guide rails or they slide through the shaft on pre-tensioned guide ropes.

  • Payload: 2 to 50 t
  • Driving speed: 1 to 18 m/s


Roller guides are used to guide hoisting equipment on guide rails in the shaft. The sets of roller guides are arranged in pairs on the top and bottom frame of the hoisting equipment. A roller guide consists of a rubber-tired wheel rim with its axle sitting in a swing arm that is bolted firmly to the hoisting equipment.


The principle of the SELDA overwind and safety arrestor lies in the conversion of kinetic energy by the plastic deformation of stretch-resistant strip material being pulled by a set of freely rotating rollers. During braking procedure, the brake frame, which is fitted with roller boxes, is forced to run along steel strips, which results in a controlled stopping of the hoisting equipment. Because of the even retardation, the component parts are not overloaded. SELDA systems are installed in the shaft sump and in the head frame/guide frame, as required.

Technical features:

  • Smooth, safe arresting
  • Even retardation
  • No overloading of component parts
  • Conversion into deformation energy
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for any hoisting system
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