Complete cooling solutions

SIEMAG TECBERG supplies complete cooling solutions for mines - from planning to commissioning.

Poor climatic conditions in mining are being worsened not only by the sinking of ever deeper mineshafts but also by rising temperatures caused by progressive mechanisation and increasing concentration of extraction. Mining operations at great depth with climatic stress therefore require tailored cooling solutions! An efficient mine cooling system protects workers and the environment.

Besides measures to improve mine air, ergonomic guidelines and regulations require workplaces below ground to be cooled. Today’s modern high-performance mines often require cooling capacities higher than 10 MW. The most economical way is a central cooling system at the surface where the latest technologies and most efficient concepts can be applied:

  • Power-heat coupling systems/absorption refrigerating system (clean development mechanism)
  • “Free cooling” – cold water generation without refrigerating machine
  • Energy-efficient high-performance refrigerating machines with latest compressor technology
  • Technical systems like the three-chamber pipe feeder or pressure exchange system (P.E.S.®) to link the high-pressure circuit and low-pressure circuit in the underground cooling system.

The main components of a mine cooling system comprise a pressure exchange system (P.E.S.®) (= high-pressure/low-pressure heat exchanger, installed below ground), mine air cooler (installed below ground) and a central cooling system (above-ground refrigeration) at the shaft head).


Air-cooled systems are an ideal solution, if there is no water available for cooling motors, electrical components and hydraulic fluids, e.g. of coal cutting machines. They comprise a pump unit with integrated fluid tank in a profiled steel frame with covers and a heat exchanger with fan for recooling the fluid.

Heat exchangers for cooling gases in combination with water-cooled systems cool and dehumidify gases at the same time, for example, when extracting pit gas. The reduced water content brings considerable benefits with regard to corrosion and pressure loss. Gas coolers are manufactured with classic smooth-copper tube heat exchangers or alternatively as shell-and-tube heat exchangers. So the cooler can be manufactured from high-grade steel to prevent corrosion problems.


The SIEMAG TECBERG group has operated in the field of mine cooling for more than 25 years. In collaboration with end users and suitably experienced companies like Herco Kühltechnik concepts for mine cooling have been designed and realised. The group has proved its competence in engineering, programming, delivery, assembly/installation and commissioning again and again in a large number of mine cooling projects worldwide.

We offer expertise in all questions related to the initial installation of mine cooling systems, including retrofitting, modernisation and extension of existing cooling systems. We would be pleased to carry out a study for you to determine the cooling capacity of your mine, using our "climate prognosis" tool, taking into consideration existing concepts for mine ventilation at the various development phases of your mine.

We offer tailored complete solutions for mine, tunnel and underground chamber cooling by a single provider for new systems, retrofitting, modernisation and extension:

  • Mine air cooling machines
  • Chilled-water engines
  • Mine air coolers
  • Recoolers
  • Pressure Exchange Systems P.E.S.® (high-pressure heat exchangers)
  • Shell-and-tube heat exchangers and pressure reservoirs
  • Gas coolers
  • Hydraulic coolers, coal-face coolers
  • Large heat pumps
  • Central refrigeration systems
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