Loading and Unloading Technology

Efficient loading and unloading for maximum optimization of mining conveying operations.

Skip loading and unloading equipment, depending on the type of material being conveyed and the type of installation, essentially consists of hopper discharge equipment, horizontal belt conveyor, distribution chute or measuring and filling pocket. The task of this equipment is to optimally feed the skip in a loading and unloading cycle that is precisely timed to the conveying process in the shaft, thus ensuring continuous conveying from horizontal to vertical direction.

Depending on the boundary conditions, simple belt conveyors, apron conveyors or chain conveyors can be used as the discharge device. The belt system to be loaded with this can alternatively be designed as a weighing conveyor, which works with a low loading speed and a high unloading speed.

The advantages of a weighing conveyor compared to the filling pocket technology used especially in Asia are the smaller number of mechanical components and thus much less wear. Since there is no filling pocket, the space required for the break-out at the shaft is also smaller. The loading process is quasi-continuous, very low-wear and thus extremely effective with lower investment and operating costs.

The unloading of the skip is designed to suit the type of discharge (skip, segmental slide) and the optimum unloading behaviour of the material to be conveyed.

In addition to these loading devices, we are also able to design cages with fully automatic decking device rams with mine car circuit as well as passenger transport. Depending on the application, mechanical, hydraulic and/or electric drive technologies are used.


  • Push-on and pull-off devices for the fully automatic movement of trolleys
  • Oscillating platforms for push-through operation or one-sided, so-called sweeping operation
  • Shaft barriers and compartment barriers
  • Complete shifting constructions for absorbing the resulting pushing and pulling forces
  • Roundabout tippers for unloading the bulk material
  • Retractable lifting track plates, pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically operated
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