Single- and multi-rope winders

Secure, safe and effective rope laying and changing.

First-time rope laying and subsequent rope changing still belong to the most hazardous tasks carried out in the shaft. To be able to speed up and safely and gently carry out the complicated and often dangerous procedures with today’s multi-rope systems in deep mines, appropriate aids need to be employed.

These include in particular trailer-type or self-driving friction winders. The principle of the friction winder is based on the transmission of forces from the two drums to the rope by friction.These friction winders can not only hinge ropes into the shaft, but can also pull them out.

The drive for the two friction drums is carried out by a powerful electric motor, supplying two planetary gear units that are synchronised on the drive side through a cardan shaft. All functions are controlled and monitored from the control station. Exchangeable drum linings enable friction winders to be used for various rope diameters; by angling the friction drums with appropriate linings, carefully laying of round- and flat-section ropes is also possible.


  • Simultaneous handling of all hoisting ropes is possible
  • Ropes can be hinged and pulled
  • Can be used flexibly at different locations
  • Easy inspection and maintenance
  • Drum linings replaceable
  • Use with various rope diameters
  • Laying of round- and flat-section ropes is possible


  • Number of ropes:1 - 10
  • Pulling force: 30 to 1,830 kN
  • Rope diameter: 25 to 63 mm
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