Remote Monitoring Centre

An expert evaluation of key performance indicators of your shaft hoisting technology optimizes the productivity of your assets.

The advancing digitisation of plants with sensor technology allows an expert evaluation of essential key figures of your production plants on the basis of a comprehensive data analysis. The result is a quarterly report written by specialists with the most extensive operational experience, with indications of potential improvements and concrete recommendations for action for your maintenance strategies.

SIEMAG TECBERG offers expert evaluation that goes beyond automated data analysis as part of a Remote Monitoring Centre at the German headquarters in Haiger. The data transmitted to SIEMAG TECBERG via VPN connections and firewalls on the process and status of the production facilities are additionally analysed and evaluated quarterly by our experts - in-house or, if required, by subcontractors. Together with the automatically generated evaluations, you as the operator receive a quarterly report which shows improvement potentials with regard to the maintenance strategies as well as further recommendations for action.

As part of the Remote Monitoring Centre, SIEMAG TECBERG offers, in addition to data analysis to clarify "acute" queries, various models of a service hotline with different reachabilities (on weekdays, weekdays and weekends, 24/7 around the clock).

As an extension of this service hotline, it is possible to set up real-time online access via secure VPN tunnels directly to the plant control system of the production plants if required. This allows our experts to directly remotely diagnose your plant control system from the company's headquarters as part of our Remote Live Diagnostics model - right up to real interventions and suggestions, for example for solving any process faults that may have occurred.

Your advantages

  • Expertise directly from the "source" (engineers, designers, project managers).
  • Data-supported process and status analysis for your maintenance offers real and precise optimization directly from experts - if required even in real time.
  • Service hotline for a comprehensive all-round service up to the permanent availability of contact persons in our company.
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