Multiple options for the safe transportation of people, raw materials and equipment.

SIEMAG TECBERG occupies a leading position on the world market as a system supplier in the field of materials handling machinery and plant engineering for shaft and heavy-duty materials handling technology as well as mine and tunnel cooling. A technology-oriented corporate culture and qualified and highly motivated employees are the drivers for a remarkable world market position with innovative products and services. With these prerequisites, SIEMAG TECBERG has a first-class position as a specialist in niche markets.

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OEM Shaft Hoisting Technology for Underground Mines and -Waste Deposits

The development of ever deeper raw material mines requires efficient shaft and inclined conveyor systems in challenging technical dimensions.

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OEM Material Handling Technology

The SIEMAG TECBERG group is a system supplier for horizontal conveyor technology.

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Systems Integration Automation and Drive Technology

In today’s mining industry, shaft hoisting is done with high-performance and energy-efficient winders.

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Cooling and Ventilation Technology for Underground Mines, Waste Deposits and special Tunnels

High-performance mines are placing ever-increasing demands on underground climate engineering facilities.

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