Service management

Efficient planning, control and monitoring of all maintenance measures including the necessary resources as well as reporting on maintenance and plant history.

The TECBERG digital service management software demonstrably supports the plant operator in ensuring the availability of his plants, machines and tools and reducing maintenance costs.

Both maintenance-relevant components and recurring maintenance measures are stored in the system with clear master data sheets. Dynamic deadline monitoring provides timely information on upcoming maintenance activities and automatically takes into account planned times and resources. Based on an individually adapted system matrix and work schedules, the service management software guides the user through inspections, maintenance and repair.

Using interfaces, inventories can also be compared directly with your ERP system and an order request automatically triggered when minimum inventories are reached. The integrated reporting tool creates a complete history and supports information on all maintenance measures with detailed logs. Extensive analyses provide clear information on costs, maintenance intensity and spare parts requirements.

Advantages for the plant operator

  • Increased security and availability or documentation
  • Increased efficiency
  • Integration of further systems
  • Support of modern maintenance strategies (e.g. load-dependent, condition-oriented)
  • Documentation of all service activities and asset management decisions
  • Visibility and evaluation of the correlations between plant history, loads and costs

Advantages for the plant service

  • Evaluation and improvement of the economic efficiency of the service strategy
  • Faster troubleshooting and fault detection in the event of a fault
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Continuous refinement of maintenance and servicing strategies
  • Development of a knowledge database about the plant
  • Optimum spare parts inventory due to precise consumption statistics
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