OEM Shaft Hoisting Technology for Underground Mines and -Waste Deposits

Complete solutions from a single source

SIEMAG TECBERG group builds systems for underground mines based on know-how gained from the successful completion of more than 200 complete systems and more than 1,000 winding machines.

The great wealth of experience gained numerous installation and service operations on the most varied systems around the world sets the pace for the continuous further-development of our staff’s knowledge base. As an independent systems integrator for shaft control systems, we offer our customers comprehensive complete-system expertise. Our own automation technology has developed into a strategic innovation driver at the SIEMAG TECBERG group.

Target markets

The continuously growing demand for mineral resources throughout the world is satisfied by the accessing of raw material mines with increasing depth. This calls for efficient shaft and inclined hoisting systems in challenging technical dimensions. SIEMAG TECBERG group identified these trends early on and by the planning, design and engineering of integrated system solutions equipped itself to meet the challenges of the various raw material markets.

Raw material markets

Precious metals: gold, silver, platinum
Industrial metals: copper, nickel, lead, zinc
Energy: Energy resources
Fertilisers: Potash salt

We offer

Studies, planning and commissioning of shaft hoisting systems for underground mining, including ...

Shaft hoisting technology

OEM Products

Hoists, winders
Brakes and hydraulics
Rope adjustment
Hoisting and conveying equipment
Support structures

Automation and system integration

Drive technology
Signalling systems and data transmission
System monitoring / remote control
Machine control systems
Brake control systems
Winch control systems
Multi-axis drive controls

Tailor-made solutions for nuclear requirements

During the emplacement process of radioactive waste in former mines and/or suitable caverns, safety is of particular importance. Storage cases with contaminated waste require the design of the plant technology according to relevant nuclear regulations (e.g. KTA guidelines and other national / international regulations).

Over many decades, we have built up this knowledge, developed the technology and the products, together as partners, in cooperation with industry, standards committees, institutes and public-law companies. With this background, we offer a sound basis for the planning, construction and operation of repositories on international markets.

Our extensive experience in the handling and storage of radioactive and toxic waste, as well as our know-how in the execution of complete facilities, from design to manufacture, delivery and assembly, form the basis for the execution of projects. For plants for the safe handling and storage of radioactive and toxic waste, the SIEMAG TECBERG group has designed, manufactured and supplied a number of special components in close cooperation with our customers.


We offer

  • Handling and emplacement technology for toxic waste and heavy-duty material
  • Underground final storage systems for nuclear or toxic wastes
  • Complete shaft hoisting systems in accordance with the applicable provisions of nuclear regulations
  • Transfer containers
  • Collective transport containers
  • Crane manipulators
  • Heavy-duty manipulators
  • Straddle carriers for handling containers
  • Plateau trucks
  • Stacking vehicles
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