Support structures

Head frames, guide equipment, arrester gear and shaft fittings.


Head frames are calculated, designed and constructed by SIEMAG TECBERG in different versions. While with some types of head frames the rope sheaves are installed on the upper platforms and the winder is located in a floor arrangement in a separate building, in other cases the winder is located on a platform in the head immediately above the shaft.

All head frames offer a stairway or lift system for maintenance of the rope sheaves, arresting catches, etc. The associated guide frame, more precisely the frame for guiding the hoisting equipment with associated functional and safety equipment such as shaft switches, arrester gear, etc., can be designed and supplied for cage hoisting (car, material or persons) and/or for skip hoisting (bulk material).


In guide equipment, a fundamental distinction is made between runner guide systems and rope guiding systems. Rope guiding systems are mainly used in geologically stable shafts, whereas runner guide systems are working with shock-absorbing, low-vibration and low-wear guide rollers, guiding the hoisting equipment in the shaft.

Other shaft fittings are shaft frames on the floors, platforms in the shaft sump and maintenance and work platforms.

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