Rope Harnesses

Rope harnesses for shaft hoisting and sinking systems.

In Shaft hoisting systems the head and tail ropes are attached to the hoisting equipment via rope harnesses. The design of the rope harnesses differs according to the intended use. Attaching the head rope to the hoisting equipment requires the use of rope harnesses with clamping eyes.

Additionally, rope load measuring equipment, to determine rope load differences and clutches for rope length adjustment on head rope harnesses, can be integrated. Tail rope harnesses, on the other hand, require the installation of round- and flat-section tail ropes to the hoisting equipment, using appropriate round- or flat-section rope eye stiffener. Rope harnesses for the sinking operation may consist of cylindrical swivels, carabiner hooks, universal joints, rope clamps and safety equipment.

SIEMAG TECBERG also offers guide rope harnesses for rope-guided shaft hoisting systems that are used to fasten guide ropes on the headframe or in the shaft sump. Rope harnesses can be fitted with guide rope safety clamps or cast heads, tension device (weights, fixed/hydraulic) and tensile force monitoring equipment.


  • Head rope harnesses with clamping eyes
  • Rope load measuring equipment and clutches
  • Tail rope harnesses for round- and flat-section ropes
  • Rope eye stiffeners for round- and flat-section ropes
  • Shaft sinking harnesses with cylindrical swivels and carabiner hooks
  • Universal joints, rope clamps, safety equipment


  • Max. load: 44 bis 762 kN
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