Convincing engineering expertise for underground mining and bulk materials handling.

SIEMAG TECBERG Australia Pty Ltd., formerly known as Winder Controls Australia, is a well-known and established name in the mining sector on the Australian continent for many years and stands for convincing planning and engineering services in the field of shaft hoisting technology. With its own factory assembly, SIEMAG TECBERG Australia is in a position to implement even demanding projects in high quality and to support customers in all matters for years to come with proven after-sales expertise.


For every request, SIEMAG TECBERG Australia is able to find the right matching consult for their clients, being it a turnkey project for a tailored product or system solutions for shaft hoisting technology.

SIEMAG TECBERG Australia offers qualified and comprehensive project support - from the initial idea to the final project logistics. Experienced engineers and proven experts, with their decades of experience, partner you from the planning stage up to jointly developed tailor-made concepts. Thanks to this close collaboration with customers from the planning stage onwards, SIEMAG TECBERG Australia delivers practical and cost-effective customer-specific solutions.

Studies, prepared in advance by our engineers and experts based on focused and effective planning, guarantee trouble-free intermeshing of all components as well as straightforward processes and procedures at the construction and realisation stage. The result is the highest degree of planning reliability and short realisation times that deliver solid results to our customers.


SIEMAG TECBERG Australia delivers mechanical and electrical engineering expertise for every hoisting and conveying purposes.

We offer innovative engineering with product development and project-related application engineering design for both OEM products and automation with system integration.

The development of innovative product and system solutions is the driving force behind the way we think and act. Therefore, the primary focus is to enhance our customers’ enthusiastic appreciation of the quality, reliability and economic efficiency of our made-to-measure systems. This way our highly qualified engineers and technicians help our customers to benefit from the newest, latest and most efficient technologies with regard to economic efficiency, reliability and safety.

Thanks to experience gained from the realisation of a number of national and international projects in the mining sector involving the underground hoisting of raw materials, SIEMAG TECBERG group’s engineering services today include a wide range extending from initial layout/construction planning through to production drawings and parts lists.


In order to provide a maximum of quality and safety standards to the Australian and Asia-Pacific market, several quality assurance mechanisms are in place to provide a high quality result to our clients – either with the support of state-of-the-art engineering capabilities from our mother company SIEMAG TECBERG Germany or with our own quality and safety standards (e.g. SIL 3 level products).

SIEMAG TECBERG Australia's range of services includes the procurement and quality assurance of the materials selected for project-related engineering and project-dependent product business. A quality management system covers not only internal processes and procedures, workshop and location activities but also the processes and materials, applied and used by our suppliers and subcontractors.

All products, from material procurement through to final inspection, are sustainably checked. Traceability of safety-critical and important items is therefore ensured. All the necessary documentation is available to our customers in the form of certificates that accompany our products. As well as maintaining a high standard of material and component inspection, we follow a continuous process of improvement. Hence, rectification and preventive measures to improve our overall engineering design, production and management processes are taken.


SIEMAG TECBERG Australia offers an excellent technical service being able to provide not only the product assembly in their own workshop or on the site, but also sourcing from excellent infrastructure at their German mother company SIEMAG TECBERG Germany.


In order to provide a perfect set-up in between mechanics, hydraulics and drive and automation our electrical engineers own cutting-edge knowledge and expertise by not only providing technology which delivers just-in-time data while the shaft hoisting system is operating but also shaft signalling systems with SIL3 rating (safety integrity level) reflecting highest safety standards globally. Learn more ...


The specialists at the SIEMAG TECBERG group have at their disposal know-how gained and experience from the installation and servicing of more than 1,000 successfully installed systems in all parts of the world. From the portfolio of our technical services we offer monitoring of the site assembly and commissioning of our delivered equipment by qualified specialist personnel. Always included is a detailed assembly time schedule that we prepare and implement in close coordination with the client and in conformity to the overall time schedule. In this way we help to ensure a punctual and efficient start of production on the system.

SIEMAG TECBERG Australia offers an excellent technical service being able to provide not only the product assembly but also site installation and commissioning, as well as qualified consultation on service provision and the delivery/stocking of spare parts.


SIEMAG TECBERG Australia offers integrated electrical and mechanical service and support for on-site and remote applications. We provide comprehensive service, inspection and condition monitoring to ensure the maximum availability, efficiency and effectiveness of site installations, preventing unplanned downtime or equipment failure.

Our branch also provides remote technical support to assist with faultfinding and troubleshooting. Safety is at the forefront of any and all site works completed by us.

SIEMAG TECBERG Australia offers upgrades that ensure site installations meet the latest standards and legislative requirements, along with a high focus on safety and effective system and functional improvements. We ensure the end user receives equipment that has been thoughtfully designed and can be safely and effectively maintained, as well as a traceability of all required documentation of the upgrade process. At SIEMAG TECBERG Australia we believe in providing a service that best suits the customer's needs and priorities.

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