Rope-load measuring equipment

Reliable testing and inspection of rope loads in multi-rope hoisting systems.

Multi-rope hoisting systems require careful attention to ensure that all the ropes are equally loaded. Any rope load difference, resulting from uneven rope elongation or different rope run diameters, must be checked and, if there are impermissible deviations, be rectified.

SIEMAG TECBERG’s rope load measuring device (SME) was specifically developed for the checking of rope loads in multi-rope hoisting systems. It consists of a pressure cell that is integrated into the head rope harness of the hoisting equipment for each rope and is protected from mechanical damage. Measuring data are recorded precisely and reliably and can be evaluated differently.

Optionally available for rope-load measuring equipment (SME) are digital measurement display instruments on the hoisting equipment and an electronic evaluation system with measurement transmission and evaluation software for the preparation of test records and the archiving of measuring data.


  • Measurement of individual rope loads
  • Identification of load differences between the individual ropes
  • Setting required rope length adjustment
  • Setting required traction sheave adjustment
  • Precise measuring results
  • Easy handling and evaluation
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