Systems Integration Automation and Drive Technology

Energy Supply - Drive technology - Automation - Signalling and Communication Technology.

Within shaft hoisting technology, automation and drive technology represents an essential pillar of the engineering services of the SIEMAG TECBERG group. Nowadays, the state of the art is safe, environmentally compatible and cost-efficient energy supply solutions for the drive train and the associated system integration of the automation and drive technology of shaft hoisting systems.

System integration includes the co-supply of external components including the coordination of all interfaces, i.e. the integration of external supply components into the control system, for example the control of loading and unloading. After technical design by SIEMAG TECBERG, drive packages from all the well-known electrical suppliers can be used on customer request. This means that SIEMAG TECBERG is not tied to a motor supplier and can optimally design the system in a drive-neutral manner and offer it as a system integrator.

With comprehensive expertise in the signalling and communication technology of mines, SIEMAG TECBERG also offers the design and supply of all common components for shaft and conveyor communication in mines.

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