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Shaft hoisting technology in life-size mode - deeper insights with 3D and augmented reality


Haiger, 28.03.2023.

A quick, systematically structured overview of the portfolio or exploring the shaft hoisting technology of the SIEMAG TECBERG group in augmented reality mode - this is provided by the English-language app "SIEMAG TECBERG Mobile", which will be available for download in the Google and Apple app stores from 28 March 2023.

Sometimes pictures alone do not give a full impression of the size or complexity of, for example, a friction winder or a clamping and lifting device, both pieces of equipment used to adjust the ropes of shaft hoisting machines. With the app's augmented reality capabilities, users can see these machines at life-size and walk around and explore them more closely with their smartphone or iPad in hand.

All 3D models provided in the app can also be viewed in the browser via shared links, independently of the app. In this way, the cloud software used to create the app also offers SIEMAG TECBERG completely new sales opportunities: A rather abstract discussion about equipment can now be made much more concrete and vivid in dialogue situations with interested parties and potential customers by sharing a view of zoomable and rotatable 3D models. In addition, 3D representations of equipment are conceivable as part of a complete, customised scope of supply.

Of course, the app will be further developed in the future. Further components of the shaft hoisting technology are to be prepared as 3D models and made available via the app.

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