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The planning, design and construction of complete systems in the area of shaft hoisting systems for customers all over the world is a special tradition at SIEMAG TECBERG. Due to the fact that SIEMAG TECBERG supplies all the component assemblies for shaft hoisting systems on the basis of its own engineering, the company is also competent in the planning and construction of complete systems.

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As we are able to optimally coordinate all the component assemblies of a system within the framework conditions specified by the customer, we achieve the best economic efficiency and availability of a shaft hoisting system. Moreover, our engineers and specialists provide collaborative support right from the planning stage to jointly develop tailor-made concepts. Thanks to this collaboration right at the planning stage, we bear the integration of all the component assemblies.

Our feasibility studies are conducted on the basis of focused, effective planning and execution with sound engineering disciplines, technology and service capability. The result is maximum planning reliability and short realisation times which deliver assured advantages to our customers.

Our Products

  • Skip and cage hoisting systems for main and blind shafts
  • Inclined hoisting systems for open-pit and underground mines
  • Conventional and integrated Koepe winders
  • Single drum and double drum winders
  • Blair multi-rope winders
  • Mobile winches
  • Hoisting towers and head frames
  • Skips and cages
  • Rope attachments
  • Rope load measuring devices
  • Loading and unloading stations
  • Conveyor systems - underground and on surface
  • Decking systems for mine cars and trackless vehicles
  • Mine car circulation systems
  • Shaft equipment
  • Safety arrestors
  • Shaft sinking equipment
  • Clamping and lifting devices (CLD)
  • Mobile friction winches
  • Rope handling systems


SIEMAG TECBERG winder technology:
  • up to 60t payload
  • up to 20m/s hoisting speed
  • up to 10 ropes
  • up to 3,000m depth
  • motor power exceeding 13MW

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