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New SIEMAG TECBERG hoisting technology at Sishanling Iron Ore Mine makes convincing progress in installing and commissioning

Fig. 1: Already in operation - the 6-rope Koepe hoisting machine of the service shaft.

Benxi / Haiger 31.03.2023.

In April 2022, we reported here for the first time in detail on the successful start of installation work on 3 shaft hoisting systems and other equipment for the Sishanling iron ore mine in China.

Just over a year later, the extensive installation of the rope sheaves and all 3 hoists has been completed and some of them have been put into operation: The two Koepe hoisting machines (4-rope / 6-rope) of the service shaft are already in operation. No-load commissioning was completed for the production shaft's 6-rope Koepe machine; rope-up started on 16.03.2023. Due to the slow construction progress in the area of the main shaft loading and unloading station, the commissioning of this hoist is scheduled for October 2023.

At the moment, Tianjin SIEMAG TECBERG is busy on site with preparatory tasks for the commissioning of the main shaft. Once the ropes for the production machine has been laid, the installation and connection of the shaft switches and the connection of external equipment, such as the loading and unloading stations, is carried out successively. This is accompanied by various safety tests. Finally, the final commissioning of the production machine under load takes place, together with various tests of the control system and the final optimisation of the parameters of the drive and braking systems.

What is striking about this project is the very rapid handling of all project phases so far. In a customer satisfaction survey, the customer also attested to the absolutely professional and high-quality handling of the project by Tianjin SIEMAG TECBERG, from the engineering to the system integration and the installation of the systems.

Further sources on the project:

  • Press release of SIEMAG TECBERG group dated 04/2022
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