Technical Services

Training and Development
Centre Cold Oak

We are particularly concerned that our customers are well trained in the use of our systems. It goes without saying that our machine start-up procedure also includes intensive training and instruction courses.

We run the “Technikum Cold Oak” training centre, which supports software development as a significant discipline of the automation engineering carried out by SIEMAG TECBERG. The model system, which is installed in the shaft building of a former headframe, enables all modes of operation of a modern shaft hoisting plant to be tested and simulated in a practically real-life situation. These characteristics mean that the “Technikum” can also be used as a novel training centre in order to introduce customers’ winder operators to the operation of the hoisting systems and equipment supplied by SIEMAG TECBERG.

The industrial park of Haiger-Kalteiche (Cold Oak) in Germany is the location of our company headquarters, the backbone of our network of expertise.