Underground Cooling

Mine and Tunnel Cooling Systems

In addition to shaft hoisting systems, another main activity of SIEMAG TECBERG is the design and realisation of mine and tunnel cooling systems.

For more than 25 years now, the pressure exchange system (P.E.S.), developed by SIEMAG TECBERG, is applied in significant centralised mine cooling systems all over the world. In cooperation with end users and appropriately experienced companies, concepts for mine and tunnel cooling were designed and realised, best optimised with regard to operating costs and climate efficiency. Nowadays, modern high-performance mines very often need cooling capacities exceeding 10MW.

The patented P.E.S. allows the alternate inflow or outflow, respectively, of water from a high pressure to a low pressure piping system and vice versa.

In underground mine or tunnel cooling, the P.E.S. system represents the interface between the cooling system on surface - which produces and provides the cold water via the shaft pipes at high pressure to the underground - and the underground piping network, which supplies the cold water at low pressure to the roadway coolers.


  • Temperature increase <0.5°C
  • Cooling capacity up to 20MW with one P.E.S
  • Pressure exchange up to 150 bar with one P.E.S.
  • Stepwise expandable
  • Constant lifelong efficiency
  • Low maintenance downtime
  • Low space demand underground

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