Heavy Material & Disposal Technique

Systems for special applications

Safety for future generations

In the storage of radioactive waste, the safety aspect is of utmost importance. In view of its extremely harmful effect and the fact that it cannot be completely disposed of, it has to be removed permanently and safely from all contact with human life. The long half-life values of some radionuclides require their safe storage for thousands of years.

In addition to the planning and construction of mining facilities, SIEMAG TECBERG has been active in the field of nuclear toxic-waste deposit technology for more than 30 years. To date, the company has designed and delivered a large variety of systems and products for the handling of nuclear containers or cylindrical drums designed for underground storage or deposit.

The current orders on hand of SIEMAG TECBERG reflect the design and construction for the refurbishment of the original shaft-hoisting installations of the former iron-ore mine Konrad near Salzgitter, Germany. The two upgraded shafts will be converted to suit the demands for the final deposit for radioactive toxic waste.

The conformity of SIEMAG TECBERG’s design and products with all applicable safety standards is maintained through its close contacts with nuclear research institutes, operators of nuclear plants, and with the respective licensing authorities.

The storage of radioactive and toxic waste makes the highest demands

The main emphasis of our planning is on:

  • Hoisting machinery
  • Loading and unloading equipment
  • Equipment for depositing waste in interim and final storage

Our experience in handling radioactive and toxic waste and our practical know-how in general plant layout from design to production, delivery and installation provide the platform for specialised handling operations requiring the financing of large-scale projects.

In close collaboration with our customers, we have already built and delivered a number of handling systems specially designed for the safe disposal of radioactive waste.
These include:

  • reloading containers
  • collective transport casks
  • crane manipulators for handling reloading containers
  • heavy-load manipulators
  • roller-line conveyors, lifting and loading devices
  • radiation-protection and operating panels for hot cells, including blind and machine plugs
  • devices for packaging surge bins, filling box, tablet bins with outward-transfer box
  • bore-hole pipes, including sample types for HAW moulds functional models
  • storage installation in galleries
  • portal lifting cranes for container handling
  • transport waggon

Numerous practical tests in test plants on surface have demonstrated the expert implementation and practical efficiency of the systems planned and constructed by us.

Our qualified personnel ensures safe and correct assembly and installation. Following the commissioning process, our reliable customer service guarantees optimum availability of our handling and storage machinery.
The future expectations of growth in the industrialised and emerging markets for ‘clean fuel’ internationally will no doubt increase the market demand for further construction of final waste deposit solutions with the appropriate safe nuclear final deposit technology.

It is common knowledge that Germany is one of the worldwide leaders in the development of nuclear final deposit technology and this is reflected in the specialised suppliers supporting the industry.

SIEMAG TECBERG has developed with the industry the skills, technology and products over the last 30 years together as partners and cooperation with the industry, standards and institutes under public law, providing a sound platform for the planning, construction, and operation of final waste deposits within Germany and into the international markets.

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