Automation Technology

Independent system integrator for shaft control systems

SIEMAG TECBERG has been planning and realising individualised logistic and service solutions for the mining industry for over 130 years. Automation engineering is a point of emphasis at SIEMAG TECBERG.

Our engineers develop user-friendly software solutions which control and optimise processes, help save time and so make the entire production system more economical.

Controlling and optimising processes

An important aspect of automation technology is also safety and reliability. In the industry, SIEMAG TECBERG is well known for developments which set standards in the area of safety and have made an important contribution to improving standards.

Areas of application for automation technology in hoisting technology:

Control and regulation of hoists

  • Process visualisation
  • Winch control
  • Control of loading and unloading equipment

Safety technology in compliance with TAS standards

  • Fully closed-loop control systems for winder brakes
  • Speed controller, authorised component acc. to BVOS regulations

Advantages of our automation technology

  • Solutions designed for different types of winders and different operating modes
  • Open system with a standard interface, capable to communicate with all common brands and types of drives
  • Optimisation of hoisting cycles
  • Reduction of skip positioning time
  • Recording of all safety-related signals for diagnosis and evaluation

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