Technical Information

Winder with Integrated Motor and Central Motor-Cooling System

With this drive technology, the motor is integrated in the friction pulley, whilst in conventional winders the motor is located outside on the main shaft. Stator and rotor elements are accessible through special openings, closed during operation, in the side walls. Cooling air supply to the motor as well as energy supply go through ventilation hubs which are installed on the fixed axle.

The space-saving, compact construction has several advantages, such as

  • Lower costs for foundation and construction work
  • Shorter erection period
  • Symmetric bearing loads
  • High stability of the system against magnetic traction
  • Highly constant air gap with different loads
  • Space-saving design
  • Symmetric foundation loads for tower and floor-mounted arrangement
  • Series spherical roller bearings as the main bearing with long working life
  • Constant air gap between stator and rotor
  • Comfortable inspection and maintenance